Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI קּ Best site to download pdf ᅳ Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI free ᐎ Kindle By David Grann ᔫ Chapter 1 The VanishingIn April, millions of tiny flowers spread over the blackjack hills and vast prairies in the Osage territory of Oklahoma There are Johnny jump ups and spring beauties and little bluets The Osage writer John Joseph Mathews observed that the galaxy of petals makes it look as if the gods had left confetti In May, when coyotes howl beneath an unnervingly large moon, taller plants, such as spiderworts and black eyed Susans, begin to creep over the tinier blooms, stealing their light and water The necks of the smaller flowers break and their petals flutter away, and before long they are buried underground This is why the Osage Indians refer to May as the time of the flower killing moon.On May 24, 1921, Mollie Burkhart, a resident of the Osage settlement town of Gray Horse, Oklahoma, began to fear that something had happened to one of her three sisters, Anna Brown Thirty four, and less than a year older than Mollie, Anna had disappeared three days earlier She had often gone on sprees, as her family disparagingly called them dancing and drinking with friends until dawn But this time one night had passed, and then another, and Anna had not shown up on Mollies front stoop as she usually did, with her long black hair slightly frayed and her dark eyes shining like glass When Anna came inside, she liked to slip off her shoes, and Mollie missed the comforting sound of her moving, unhurried, through the house Instead, there was a silence as still as the plains.Mollie had already lost her sister Minnie nearly three years earlier Her death had come with shocking speed, and though doctors had attributed it to a peculiar wasting illness, Mollie harbored doubts Minnie had been only twenty seven and had always been in perfect health.Like their parents, Mollie and her sisters had their names inscribed on the Osage Roll, which meant that they were among the registered members of the tribe It also meant that they possessed a fortune In the early 1870s, the Osage had been driven from their lands in Kansas onto a rocky, presumably worthless reservation in northeastern Oklahoma, only to discover, decades later, that this land was sitting above some of the largest oil deposits in the United States To obtain that oil, prospectors had to pay the Osage for leases and royalties In the early twentieth century, each person on the tribal roll began receiving a quarterly check The amount was initially for only a few dollars, but over time, as oil was tapped, the dividends grew into the hundreds, then the thousands And virtually every year the payments increased, like the prairie creeks that joined to form the wide, muddy Cimarron, until the tribe members had collectively accumulated millions and millions of dollars In 1923 alone, the tribe took in than 30 million, the equivalent today of than 400 million The Osage were considered the wealthiest people per capita in the world Lo and behold the New York weekly Outlook exclaimed The Indian, instead of starving to deathenjoys a steady income that turns bankers green with envy.The public had become transfixed by the tribes prosperity, which belied the images of American Indians that could be traced back to the brutal first contact with whitesthe original sin from which the country was born Reporters tantalized their readers with stories about the plutocratic Osage and the red millionaires, with their brick and terra cotta mansions and chandeliers, with their diamond rings and fur coats and chauffeured cars One writer marveled at Osage girls who attended the best boarding schools and wore sumptuous French clothing, as if une trs jolie demoiselle of the Paris boulevards had inadvertently strayed into this little reservation town.At the same time, reporters seized upon any signs of the traditional Osage way of life, which seemed to stir in the publics mind visions of wild Indians One article noted a circle of expensive automobiles surrounding an open campfire, where the bronzed and brightly blanketed owners are cooking meat in the primitive style Another documented a party of Osage arriving at a ceremony for their dances in a private airplanea scene that outrivals the ability of the fictionist to portray Summing up the publics attitude toward the Osage, the Washington Star said, That lament, Lo the poor Indian, might appropriately be revised to, Ho, the rich redskin.Gray Horse was one of the reservations older settlements These outpostsincluding Fairfax, a larger, neighboring town of nearly fifteen hundred people, and Pawhuska, the Osage capital, with a population of than six thousandseemed like fevered visions The streets clad with cowboys, fortune seekers, bootleggers, soothsayers, medicine men, outlaws, U.S marshals, New York financiers, and oil magnates Automobiles sped along paved horse trails, the smell of fuel overwhelming the scent of the prairies Juries of crows peered down from telephone wires There were restaurants, advertised as cafs, and opera houses and polo grounds.Although Mollie didnt spend as lavishly as some of her neighbors did, she had built a beautiful, rambling wooden house in Gray Horse near her familys old lodge of lashed poles, woven mats, and bark She owned several cars and had a staff of servantsthe Indians pot lickers, as many settlers derided these migrant workers The servants were often black or Mexican, and in the early 1920s a visitor to the reservation expressed contempt at the sight of even whites performing all the menial tasks about the house to which no Osage will stoop.Mollie was one of the last people to see Anna before she vanished That day, May 21, Mollie had risen close to dawn, a habit ingrained from when her father used to pray every morning to the sun She was accustomed to the chorus of meadowlarks and sandpipers and prairie chickens, now overlaid with the pock pocking of drills pounding the earth Unlike many of her friends, who shunned Osage clothing, Mollie wrapped an Indian blanket around her shoulders She also didnt style her hair in a flapper bob, and instead let her long, black hair flow over her back, revealing her striking face, with its high cheekbones and big brown eyes.Her husband, Ernest Burkhart, rose with her A twenty eight year old white man, he had the stock handsomeness of an extra in a Western picture show short brown hair, slate blue eyes, square chin Only his nose disturbed the portrait it looked as if it had taken a barroom punch or two Growing up in Texas, the son of a poor cotton farmer, hed been enchanted by tales of the Osage Hillsthat vestige of the American frontier where cowboys and Indians were said to still roam In 1912, at nineteen, hed packed a bag, like Huck Finn lighting out for the Territory, and gone to live with his uncle, a domineering cattleman named William K Hale, in Fairfax He was not the kind of a man to ask you to do somethinghe told you, Ernest once said of Hale, who became his surrogate father Though Ernest mostly ran errands for Hale, he sometimes worked as a livery driver, which is how he met Mollie, chauffeuring her around town.Ernest had a tendency to drink moonshine and play Indian stud poker with men of ill repute, but beneath his roughness there seemed to be a tenderness and a trace of insecurity, and Mollie fell in love with him Born a speaker of Osage, Mollie had learned some English in school nevertheless, Ernest studied her native language until he could talk with her in it She suffered from diabetes, and he cared for her when her joints ached and her stomach burned with hunger After he heard that another man had affections for her, he muttered that he couldnt live without her It wasnt easy for them to marry Ernests roughneck friends ridiculed him for being a squaw man And though Mollies three sisters had wed white men, she felt a responsibility to have an arranged Osage marriage, the way her parents had Still, Mollie, whose family practiced a mixture of Osage and Catholic beliefs, couldnt understand why God would let her find love, only to then take it away from her So, in 1917, she and Ernest exchanged rings, vowing to love each other till eternity.By 1921, they had a daughter, Elizabeth, who was two years old, and a son, James, who was eight months old and nicknamed Cowboy Mollie also tended to her aging mother, Lizzie, who had moved in to the house after Mollies father passed away Because of Mollies diabetes, Lizzie once feared that she would die young, and beseeched her other children to take care of her In truth, Mollie was the one who looked after all of them.May 21 was supposed to be a delightful day for Mollie She liked to entertain guests and was hosting a small luncheon After getting dressed, she fed the children Cowboy often had terrible earaches, and shed blow in his ears until he stopped crying Mollie kept her home in meticulous order, and she issued instructions to her servants as the house stirred, everyone bustling aboutexcept Lizzie, whod fallen ill and stayed in bed Mollie asked Ernest to ring Anna and see if, for a change, shed come over to help tend to Lizzie Anna, as the oldest child in the family, held a special status in their mothers eyes, and even though Mollie took care of Lizzie, Anna, in spite of her tempestuousness, was the one her mother spoiled.When Ernest told Anna that her mama needed her, she promised to take a taxi straight there, and she arrived shortly afterward, dressed in bright red shoes, a skirt, and a matching Indian blanket in her hand was an alligator purse Before entering, shed hastily combed her windblown hair and powdered her face Mollie noticed, however, that her gait was unsteady, her words slurred Anna was drunk.Mollie couldnt hide her displeasure Some of the guests had already arrived Among them were two of Ernests brothers, Bryan and Horace Burkhart, who, lured by black gold, had moved to Osage County, often assisting Hale on his ranch One of Ernests aunts, who spewed racist notions about Indians, was also visiting, and the last thing Mollie needed was for Anna to stir up the old goat.Anna slipped off her shoes and began to make a scene She took a flask from her bag and opened it, releasing the pungent smell of bootleg whiskey Insisting that she needed to drain the flask before the authorities caught herit was a year into nationwide Prohibitionshe offered the guests a swig of what she called the best white mule.Mollie knew that Anna had been very troubled of late Shed recently divorced her husband, a settler named Oda Brown, who owned a livery business Since then, shed spent and time in the reservations tumultuous boomtowns, which had sprung up to house and entertain oil workerstowns like Whizbang, where, it was said, people whizzed all day and banged all night All the forces of dissipation and evil are here found, a U.S government official reported Gambling, drinking, adultery, lying, thieving, murdering Anna had become entranced by the places at the dark ends of the streets the establishments that seemed proper on the exterior but contained hidden rooms filled with glittering bottles of moonshine One of Annas servants later told the authorities that Anna was someone who drank a lot of whiskey and had very loose morals with white men.At Mollies house, Anna began to flirt with Ernests younger brother, Bryan, whom shed sometimes dated He was brooding than Ernest and had inscrutable yellow flecked eyes and thinning hair that he wore slicked back A lawman who knew him described him as a little roustabout When Bryan asked one of the servants at the luncheon if shed go to a dance with him that night, Anna said that if he fooled around with another woman, shed kill him.Meanwhile, Ernests aunt was muttering, loud enough for all to hear, about how mortified she was that her nephew had married a redskin It was easy for Mollie to subtly strike back because as one of the servants attending to the aunt was whitea blunt reminder of the towns social order.Anna continued raising Cain She fought with the guests, fought with her mother, fought with Mollie She was drinking and quarreling, a servant later told authorities I couldnt understand her language, but they were quarreling The servant added, They had an awful time with Anna, and I was afraid.That evening, Mollie planned to look after her mother, while Ernest took the guests into Fairfax, five miles to the northwest, to meet Hale and see Bringing Up Father, a touring musical about a poor Irish immigrant who wins a million dollar sweepstakes and struggles to assimilate into high society Bryan, whod put on a cowboy hat, his catlike eyes peering out from under the brim, offered to drop Anna off at her house.Before they left, Mollie washed Annas clothes, gave her some food to eat, and made sure that shed sobered up enough that Mollie could glimpse her sister as her usual self, bright and charming They lingered together, sharing a moment of calm and reconciliation Then Anna said good bye, a gold filling flashing through her smile.With each passing night, Mollie grew anxious Bryan insisted that hed taken Anna straight home and dropped her off before heading to the show After the third night, Mollie, in her quiet but forceful way, pressed everyone into action She dispatched Ernest to check on Annas house Ernest jiggled the knob to her front doorit was locked From the window, the rooms inside appeared dark and deserted.Ernest stood there alone in the heat A few days earlier, a cool rain shower had dusted the earth, but afterward the suns rays beat down mercilessly through the blackjack trees This time of year, heat blurred the prairies and made the tall grass creak underfoot In the distance, through the shimmering light, one could see the skeletal frames of derricks.Annas head servant, who lived next door, came out, and Ernest asked her, Do you know where Anna is Before the shower, the servant said, shed stopped by Annas house to close any open windows I thought the rain would blow in, she explained But the door was locked, and there was no sign of Anna She was gone.News of her absence coursed through the boomtowns, traveling from porch to porch, from store to store Fueling the unease were reports that another Osage, Charles Whitehorn, had vanished a week before Anna had Genial and witty, the thirty year old Whitehorn was married to a woman who was part white, part Cheyenne A local newspaper noted that he was popular among both the whites and the members of his own tribe On May 14, hed left his home, in the southwestern part of the reservation, for Pawhuska He never returned.The best book of the year so far Entertainment Weekly Disturbing and rivetingGrann has proved himself a master of spinning delicious, many layered mysteries that also happen to be trueIt will sear your soul Dave Eggers, New York Times Book ReviewA marvel of detective like research and narrative verve Financial TimesA shocking whodunitWhat could fans of true crime thrillers ask USA TodayA master of the detective form Killers is something rather deep and not easily forgotten Wall St Journal David Grann s Killers of the Flower Moon is unsurprisingly extraordinary TimeA masterful work of literary journalism crafted with the urgency of a mystery Contained within Grann s mesmerizing storytelling lies something than a brisk, satisfying read Killers of the Flower Moon offers up the Osage killings as emblematic of America s relationship with its indigenous peoples and the culture of killing that has forever marred that tie The Boston Globe C lose to impeccable It s confident, fluid in its dynamics, light on its feet The crime story it tells is appalling, and stocked with authentic heroes and villains It will make you cringe at man s inhumanity to man The New 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